№2 (2017)

   Geoinformation systems

Development of a map service for the provision of materials for laboratory work the students of Nizhnevartovsk State University.
Sliva E.A.

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The article presents the analysis of the teaching materials on the discipline of Geoinformation systems, which are used in the Nizhnevartovsk state University. The relevance of the work lies in the need to modernize the way of presentation of cartographic information for the organization of independent work of students in the study of geographic information systems in accordance with the latest trends of Geoinformatics. Special attention is paid to spatial data that are used in laboratory works. The basis for performing laboratory and practical works on the subject of «geographic information system» in the Nizhnevartovsk State University is a geodatabase of the Nizhnevartovsk district. The paper presents the main rules of formation of this educational geodatabase. The analysis of existing ways of placing spatial data in the Internet also analyzed the experience of the Moscow State University on creation and use of a local spatial data infrastructure for training purposes. Discusses how to provide spatial data through the organization of mapping service to optimize students’ individual work on the subject of «geographic information system». The map service after the implementation can be supplemented with thematic vector layers and raster maps to expand the scope of educational tasks. The methods and approaches to the preparation of materials can be used to create a wide range of other academic spatial data.

Cloud Platform for Data Management of the UNECE ICP Vegetation Environmental Monitoring Network.
Kutovskiy N.A., Nechaevskiy A.V., Ososkov G.A., Uzhinskiy А.V., Frontasyeva M.V.

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The aim of the UNECE ICP Vegetation program is to identify the main polluted areas, produce regional maps and further develop the understanding of the long-range transboundary pollution. Atmospheric deposition study of heavy metals, nitrogen, persistent organic compounds and radionuclides is based on the analysis of naturally growing mosses through moss surveys carried out every 5 years. Since January 2014, the coordination of moss surveys in 39 European and Asian countries has been conducted from the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) Russia. Tools used by ICP Vegetation members for data management, are not enough formalized and do not meet modern requirements. To optimize the whole procedure, Laboratory of Information Technologies proposed to build a unified platform consisting of a set of interconnected services and tools to be developed, deployed and hosted in the JINR cloud. The platform should implement modern analytical, statistical, programmatic and organization methods to provide effective, reliable and convenient tools for data management of biological monitoring. Motivation, basic principles and architecture of the platform are presented.

Analysis of building option for multithreaded multiprocessor complex for theoretical seismograms calculations.
Pimanov D.V., Morozov I.A., Shitkov K.L., Demin F.V.

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Using multiprocessor multithreaded complex (MMC) for high performance calculating at seismic modeling is considered. Structure of MMC, types of coprocessors, methods of commutation calculations are analyzed.

   Application of GIS technologies

Geoecological valuation of dangerous geological processes within the territory of New Moscow using GIS-technology.
Guseva A.S., Ustinov S.A., Petrov V.A., Ignatov P.A.

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In the paper geoecological valuation and prediction of dangerous exogenous geological processes within the territory of New Moscow on the basis of cartographic material analysis using GIS-technology were carried out. As the result of conducted research the maps displaying areas with the least favorable situation both for separate geological process and for set of processes were constructed. On the basis of conducted maps authors identified regions of the highest intensity of geological processes and also forecast areas that potentially dangerous by action of these processes on new territory of Moscow. For the first time for considered territory not only effect of exogenous geological processes but also effect of dynamic fault zone area passing through all the territory of New Moscow was studied.

GIS-techniques application for automatic power line route selection.
Novakovskiy B.A., Kargashin P.E., Karpachevskiy A.M.

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Route selection for power line construction is usually performed manually by experts. In this paper we consider the development of route selection for power lines by means of GIS tools. We propose improved algorithm for cost raster derivation, which takes in consideration intersections with linear infrastructure. In particular, we study already existing power line grid, gas-pipelines, car roads and railroads in the west of the Leningrad region, where new power line 750 kV is planned for construction. For these objects a new method is developed and it requires the following steps. At first we construct several buffer zones, then formalize intersections and convergence of different linear objects. Simultaneously there are considered various regulatory constraints like settlements, natural reserves, land use etc. All constraints are expertly estimated via scoring. Obtained power line trace is analyzed and compared with already approved trace. Proposed method is estimated by its efficiency in comparison with manual approach.

 Modeling geo objects and geo-processes

Cluster analysis as a tool to study the seismic mode of the Baikal region.
Khritova M.A., Gileva N.A.

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The catalog-based clustering method and program have been proposed for the study of seismic regime in the Baikal region. The analysis of the Kultuk earthquake sequence (27.08.2008) and the seismic events of the Middle Baikal (01.01.08 – 31.12.2014) have been performed using a devised program


Space survey to identify and determine the parameters of the solid domestic waste landfill.
Razakova M.G., Dushenko M.V.

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In this paper, we introduce a method based on remotely sensed information and that of a geographic information system (GIS) to identify landfills and calculate their area and volume. The method is applied to a study area located in Almaty region using WorldView-3 and GeoEye1 satellite data. The use of remote-sensing data as well as the whole complex of geo-information technologies will provide an opportunity to evaluate objective parameters of landfills. The data acquired from satellite platforms can provide monitoring and management of landfills related to different user groups.

Application of the method of analysis hierarchies (AHP) under the regional landslide hazard assessment (for example area North-West of Laocai in Vietnam).
Nguyen T.K., Fomenko I.K., Pendin V.V.

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The development of existing methodologies for assessing the regional landslide hazard, the authors developed an approach based on the integrated use of the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) method and the susceptibility of the territory to the landslide processes, eliminates the subjectivity of expert assessments. As an information base were used remote sensing data area, supplemented by field work materials. Lots activation of landslide processes were further examined in 2015.
Estimates of regional landslide hazard based on a modified MAI for Lao Cai region showed a high degree of reliability and can be recommended for use in the developing of the integrated development plan for the territory.