№3 (2019)

   Geoinformation systems

GIS «Alas of the Ust-Aldansky region (ulus)».
Torgovkin Y.I., Shestakova A.A.

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A GIS project was created in ArcGIS format. Alases are prominent representatives of cryogenic landforms, reflecting the history of the study area. They are the main feed for livestock in Central Yakutia. The purpose of the work is to identify the nature of the distribution of alas formations and make a spatial analysis of their distribution. In the study area, 4401 alas were digitized, spatial geographic analysis was carried out using GIS technologies. The results of spatial analysis are reflected in the form of maps. The quantitative charac-teristic of alas is given.

   Application of GIS technologies

Geoinformation technologies in the modeling of qualitative characteristics of ores.
Kantemirov V.D., Yakovlev A.M., Titov R.S.

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The article presents the results of the development of methods of zoning in the quarry space of technological types of ores, taking into account the comprehensive assessment of the quality characteristics of the mineral on the basis of modern geoinformation technologies. To interpret the data in GIS there are 2 main methods: the Express and detailed methods, which require the prior establishment of the geologich-tion databases, and reliably assess and zoning in karyes-re ore quality characteristics. The methods differ in the complexity of implementation, detail and the possibility of adjustments to the constructed models, depending on the established or changed requirements for the quality of the mineral. The presented mining and geological information system makes it possible to zone technological types and grades of ores with high reliability in the quarry space, which contributes to the selection of the most effective method of ore preparation in the mode of ore quality management for specific mining and geological conditions at the stage of mining planning. In modern conditions, GIS with the function of rapid analysis of promising deposits and detailed information about the mining and geological conditions of its development is a necessary tool for preliminary mining and technological calculations and economic assessment of the feasibility of mineral resources development.

UAS rewiev for mapping.
Kurkov V.M., Smirnov A.V., Kuznetsov V.A.

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This article describes all the important UAS technical characteristics, their influence on photogrammetric processing, gives estimates of productivity and regulations, recommends UAS selection options for the solution of certain mapping tasks.

 Modeling geo objects and geo-processes

Numerical simulation of the dynamics of the extraction of a multicomponent gas condensate hydrocarbon mixture in the depletion mode of the reservoir filtration model.
Volokhova A.V., Zemlyanaya E.V., Kachalov V.V., Rihvitsky V.S., Sokotushchenko V.N.

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Development of methods to increase the efficiency of the fields with a high content of the hydrocarbon condensate is one of the most important scientific and applied problems. Solving this problem requires the development of mathematical modeling methods that realistically describe the flow processes of a gas-condensate mixture in a porous medium under various conditions, as well as verification of the developed models by comparing the numerical results obtained with experimental measurements. In the present work, in the framework of the well-known approach based on the classical Darcy law and conservation laws, traditionally used to simulate the flowing of two-phase multicomponent mixtures through a porous medium, a modified model is formulated for calculating the physical characteristics of the extraction process of a multicomponent hydrocarbon gas-condensate mixture. Computational experiments showed that the proposed approach provides adequate agreement with the experimental data obtained in LLC «VNIIGAZ» (Ukhta) on a laboratory model of the reservoir with simulated natural depletion of the field in the case of a nine-component hydrocarbon mixture at two temperatures: 25 °C and 60 °C. In the paper, the mathematical model is described and the results of computational experiments in comparison with the experimental data on a laboratory setup are discussed.

Digital modeling of the relief for tasks of preliminary terrain analysis.
Khaitov B.Us.

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In article the method of digital modelling of a relief on sites called by quarters is offered. Defining planes of quarters, it is possible to show formation of water flow in the form of a slope vector, and also visualization of biases of a relief in the form of a cartogram. Quarters of a relief also conduces for a quantitative estimation of a relief – to definition of degree of complexity of a relief. The digital model of a relief on the basis of planes of quarters promotes the preliminary analysis of a relief for various problems of engineering designing.

Modelling of Seismic-Acoustic Fields in Absorbing Axially Symmetric Mediums with Arbitrary Sources.
Nikitin A.A., Plyushchenkov B.D., Turchaninov V.I.

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Based on Biot model, describing the propagation of acoustic disturbances in isotropic porous medium saturated with viscous fluid, and viscoelasticity theory, the modified Biot model is proposed. Viscoelastic behavior in it is given with bulk and shear cementation coefficients, which determine the intergranular interactions. Viscoelastic non-porous medium and viscous fluid are considered as special cases of proposed model. The approximation way of viscoelastic modules is described by the rational functions, allowing their inclusion in our model reducing to calculation of convolutions with exponential kernels. Based on viscoelastic Biot model, the problem statement of acoustic fields’ modeling in axially symmetric case for multipole sources is set up. A method for its solution is presented by azimuthal angle decomposition, which includes the using of nonsplitting perfectly matched layer as boundary transparency conditions. A description of explicit second-order finite-difference scheme on shifted grids, approximating the equations of problem, and an economical method for convolutions’ calculating, which are also included in the transparency conditions, are given. Numerical results of modeling of acoustic laboratory experiment, dipole acoustic logging and seismic exploration are presented, which are compared and analyzed with similar ones obtained from analytical solutions.


Influence of the vegetation cover on landslides in the context of modern urbanization of Kerch peninsula territory.
Krivoguz D.O., Malko S.V.

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The modern development of the Kerch Peninsula is closely connected with the large-scale man-caused impact, which leads to significant changes in the functioning of natural complexes. The paper demonstrates a statistical approach to determining the effect of vegetation cover on landslide processes, based on the analysis of weight coefficients for each group of factors. In total, 5 classes were determined. The most widespread of these is the herbaceous vegetation class, which occupies about half of the area of Kerch peninsula. Concerning the effect of grass cover on slope processes, analysis showed that the most favorable impact on the containment of slope processes is the presence of high and woody vegetation, which is reflected in the strengthening of the unstable slope by the root system.