№2 (2014)

Studying the spatio-temporal distribution of seismicity around Fukushima Prefecture using GIS-EEDB program tools.Mikheeva A.V., Vazhenin A.P., Dyadkov P.G., Marchuk A.G.  … » In this paper, a modification of high-tech expert system GIS-EEDB (Expert Earthquakes Database) is proposed. It was named as Fukushima-EEDB and … Continue reading

№1 (2021)

DOI: 10.47148/1609-364X-2021-1 The nearest prospects of the geoinformation complex INTEGRO development Ye.N. Cheremisina, M.Ya. Finkelstein, K.V. Deyev, A.V. Muradyan … » The article describes the main directions of development of the INTEGRA geoinformation complex, as well as geological, geophysical and information problems, for the solution … Continue reading

№2 (2020)

Geoinformation system of radioecological monitoring in the vicinity of Rostov NPP.Titov I.E., Krechetnikov V.V., Isamov N.N., Kuznetsov V.K., Panov A.V. … » For the first time, a GIS project for radiation and environmental monitoring of terrestrial ecosystems was developed for … Continue reading

№4 (2014)

Digital Geological Information Retrieval and Download Web Services inthe Cartographic Information Retrieval System (CIRS) of the State Bank ofDigital Geological Information (SBDGI).Bliskavitsky A.A., Markov K.N., Bogolyubskii A.D. … » The objective of the web cartographic subsystem CIRS SBDGI is to … Continue reading

№3 (2015)

Methodology of detection and mapping areas with high temperature oil producing territory West Siberia based on satellite data.Alekseeva M.N., Peremitina T.O., Yashchenko I.G. … » For timely assessment of the ecological status of hard wetlands Western Siberia developed methods of … Continue reading