Developing geodatabase for designing renewable energy facilities.

№4 (2015) Kargashin P.E.,Novakovsky B.A.,Kiseleva S.V.,Prasolova A.I.,Verevkina N.S. Section: Application of GIS technologies Keywords: Geodatadases, unconventional sources, renewable energy, geoinformational routines, conceptual modelling, spatial data analysis.

№2 (2021)

DOI:10.47148/1609-364X-2021-2 Geoinformational criteria for distinguishing the quasi-linear chains of earthquake migration in epicentral fields of complex geometry and variable density of shocks distribution A.A. Kakourova, A.V. Klyuchevskii, V.M. Dem’yanovich, A.A. Klyuchevskaya Digital simulation trial of hydroisostasy by finite element methodR.F. Bulgakov … Continue reading

№2 (2014)

Studying the spatio-temporal distribution of seismicity around Fukushima Prefecture using GIS-EEDB program tools.Mikheeva A.V., Vazhenin A.P., Dyadkov P.G., Marchuk A.G.  … » In this paper, a modification of high-tech expert system GIS-EEDB (Expert Earthquakes Database) is proposed. It was named as Fukushima-EEDB and … Continue reading

An approach to creating application software for modeling of the deep heat processes (on the example of modeling non-stationary thermal conductivity above a mantle plume in the VLADI GEAD 4.0 MODULE)

№1 (2021) УДК 004.413+004.94+551.2.03::536.21 DOI: 10.47148/1609-364X-2021-1-51-73 V.I. Vasiliev, E.V. Vasilieva, N.S. Zhatnuev Keywords: applied programming, computer modeling, non-stationary thermal conductivity, mantle-crust migrant, adiabatic-geothermal interval, Vladi Gead 4.0. Section: Modeling geo objects and geo-processes