Modeling of wave processes in closed water areas of shallow water areas

№3 (2021) УДК 004.942 DOI: 10.47148/1609-364X-2021-3-30-35 E.P. Istomin, V.L. Mikheev, Y.A. Petrov, I. A. Martyn Key words: mathematical modeling, non-stationary two-dimensional model, wind wave, closed water area, shallow water area Section: Modeling geo objects and geo-processes

№3 (2021)

DOI:10.47148/1609-364X-2021-3 Development of a smart geoinformation system module for forest taxing data processing M.R. Vagizov, E.P. Istomin, N.V. Yagotintseva, O.N. Kolbina, A.E. Morshihina,K.V. Konzhgoladze State geological mapping and domestic geographic information systems. Why import substitution is stalled in geologyV.A. Spiridonov, M.Ya. Finkel’shtein The principles of compiling … Continue reading

№4 (2020)

DOI: 10.47148/1609-364X-2020-4 Software for GIS-processing of airborne lidar data  B.A. Novakovsky, A.V. Kudryavtsev, A.L. Entin … » The paper considers GIS software which may be utilized for airborne lidar data processing. Software list includes proprietary MicroStation with TerraScan plugin, Global Mapper, ArcGIS, ERDAS … Continue reading

№3 (2020)

DOI: 10.47148/1609-364X-2020-3 Web-GIS technologies usage in eco monitoring tasks on example Murmansk region lakes pollutionShemyakin A.S.,Kashulin N.A.,Petrova O.V. … » When carrying out long-term environmental monitoring programs, a whole series of problems arise related to storage, processing, visualization of data … Continue reading