№2 (2014)

Studying the spatio-temporal distribution of seismicity around Fukushima Prefecture using GIS-EEDB program tools.Mikheeva A.V., Vazhenin A.P., Dyadkov P.G., Marchuk A.G.  … » In this paper, a modification of high-tech expert system GIS-EEDB (Expert Earthquakes Database) is proposed. It was named as Fukushima-EEDB and … Continue reading

№3 (2020)

DOI: 10.47148/1609-364X-2020-3 Web-GIS technologies usage in eco monitoring tasks on example Murmansk region lakes pollutionShemyakin A.S.,Kashulin N.A.,Petrova O.V. … » When carrying out long-term environmental monitoring programs, a whole series of problems arise related to storage, processing, visualization of data … Continue reading

№1 (2016)

The operational assessment of the degree of seismic hazard distribution by GIS.Levina E.A. … » The problem of the isolines of seismic tremors constructing is solved. For this purpose a special computer program is designed. The operational construction of isolines … Continue reading

№1 (2017)

Borehole information proces-sing in the GIS INTEGRO.Drovninov D.A. … » The article deals with the processing system of borehole information in the GIS INTEGRO. The following is the description of the structure of the storage wells. Describes the ability to … Continue reading

№2 (2017)

Development of a map service for the provision of materials for laboratory work the students of Nizhnevartovsk State University.Sliva E.A. … » The article presents the analysis of the teaching materials on the discipline of Geoinformation systems, which are used … Continue reading