№2 (2016)

The study of the landscape structure dynamics in the Urals Steppe oil producing territories based on GIS and satellite data.Myachina K.V. … » The author’s approach to the analysis of the landscape structure dynamics of oil producing territories in the … Continue reading

№1 (2019)

«Metallogeny» geoportal.Tkachev A.V., Bulov S.V., Chesalova E.I. … » The «Metallogeny» geoportal is a key element of a spatial data infrastructure node being created in Vernadsky’s SGM RAS. Currently, the geoportal provides an organized access to a metadata catalog, interactive … Continue reading

№1 (2020)

Perspective ways of the GIS INTEGRO development.Deyev K. … » This article describes four perspective ways of the GIS INTEGRO development: interaction with databases, script language embedding, ArcMap projects import and work with raw data. For each way of the … Continue reading