№2 (2016)

The study of the landscape structure dynamics in the Urals Steppe oil producing territories based on GIS and satellite data.Myachina K.V. … » The author’s approach to the analysis of the landscape structure dynamics of oil producing territories in the … Continue reading

№4 (2016)

Database of seismogenic sources of southern East Siberia based on the GIS «ActiveTectonics».Gladkov A.A., Lunina O.V. … » This work is dedicated to the creation the interactive database of seismogenic source of southern East Siberia, which is part of developed … Continue reading

№4 (2017)

Dynamics of oil and gas industry development in the 20th century using the world’s largest deposits as an example: GIS project and web service.Odintsova A.A., Gvishiani A.D., Rybkina A.I., Samokhina O.O., Astapenkova A.A., Firsova E.Yu. … » The article describes … Continue reading

№2 (2018)

Modified algorithmic system FCAZm and strong earthquake-prone areas in California.Dzeboev B.A., Krasnoperov R.I., Belov I.O., Barykina Yu.V., Vavilin E.V. … » Recognition of strong (М ≥ 6½) earthquake-prone areas in California has been performed using the modified version (FCAZm) of the original … Continue reading