Web-GIS technologies usage in eco monitoring tasks on example Murmansk region lakes pollution

№3 (2020)

Shemyakin A.S.,Kashulin N.A.,Petrova O.V.

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When carrying out long-term environmental monitoring programs, a whole series of problems arise related to storage, processing, visualization of data obtained, their presentation in a form suitable for making managerial decisions and / or public perception. The received volume of primary information requires structured storage, a special multivariate analysis to identify long-term trends and assess dangers of possible negative phenomena, a different level of accessibility and generalization of results for various information consumers.At the same time, copyrights of the information owners must be respected. As a solution to these problems, it is proposed to use GIS-oriented information systems for storing and processing the accumulated information.

The paper considers the main aspects of creating a GIS portal for publishing results of hydrochemical studies of water objects in the Murmansk region. A review of existing developments and approaches to solving this problem is given. A technique for creating a GIS portal based on open source software is proposed.Issue of implementing copyright protection mechanisms for owners of hydrochemical information considered partially.Currently, a pilot version of the GIS portal has been developed, which stores the web version ofthe map «Hydrochemical characteristics of the lakes of the Murmansk region». Inthe future, it is planned to supplement the resource with the blocks«Hydrology», «Bottom sediments of Murmansk region lakes», «Hydrobionts of Murmansk region lakes» and visualization tools for primary data. This work is carried out as part of a project to increase availability of environmental information for both the public and decision-makers. The project may also be of interest to scientific organizations.

Shemyakin Alexey S., Junior Researcher, Institute for Informatics and Mathematical Modeling –Subdivision of the Federal Research Centre “Kola Science Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences”. 24 A Fersmana St., Apatity, Murmansk region, 184209, Russia. E-mail: shemyakin@imm.ru.

Kashulin Nikolay Aleksandrovich, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Chief Researcher,Institute of North Industrial Ecology Problems – Subdivision of the Federal Research Centre “Kola Science Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences” (INEPKSC RAS). 14 A Akademgorodok, Apatity,Murmansk region, 184209, Russia. E-mail: Nikolay@inep.ksc.ru.

Petrova Olga V.,Principal Engineer, INEP KSC RAS. 14 A Akademgorodok, Apatity, Murmansk region, 184209, Russia. E-mail: olechka.v.petrova@gmail.com.

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Keywords: hydrochemical information, GIS, QGIS, GIS portal.

Section: Application of GIS technologies