Estimation of allowable influence on water objects by development of sedimentary iron ores of Bakcharsky ore unit (Tomsk area).

№3 (2014)

Savichev O.G.,Domarenko V.A.Mazurov A.K.


Techniques are offered:

1)  estimations of background concentration of substances in ground,bog and river waters in area of Bakcharsky iron ore unit (in the administrative relation – in Tomsk region of the Russian Federation, in geographical relation– in the Western Siberia, in a the Middle Ob river basin) as top limit of anerror of definition of average geometrical values;

2)  allowable influence of development of this object on ground and surface water objects, switching oligotrophic and mesotrophic bogs, on the basis of comparison of two line, corresponding to the background and changed conditions. On the basis of generalization of the given long-term hydrogeochemical supervision background concentration Ca2+, Mg2+,Na+, K+, HCO3, SO42−,Cl, NO3, NO2, NH4+, PO43−, Si, Fe, organic substances as bichromate and permanganate oxidability in bog,river and ground waters are determined, allowable concentration of polluting substances in the industrial sewage formed in process of chink hydroextraction of iron ore are designed. That excess of a geochemical background will be possible at dump of the sewage containing polluting substances in quantities,more than twice exceeding background concentration in water objects – receivers of sewage.

Section: Geoecology

Keywords: the hydrogeochemical background, allowable influences on water objects, Bakcharsky iron ore unit, Western Siberia.