Digital Geological Information Retrieval and Download Web Services inthe Cartographic Information Retrieval System (CIRS) of the State Bank ofDigital Geological Information (SBDGI).

№4 (2014)

Bliskavitsky A.A.,Markov K.N.,Bogolyubskii A.D.


The objective of the web cartographic subsystem CIRS SBDGI is to allow state and municipal agencies, and the whole community to search metadata and spatial information from SBDGI. The interactive CIRS user’s web interface provides extended functions of searching, processing, and analysis of SBDGI data.
This article describes the CIRS facilities of the web search in realtime, the free web access to the integrated state geological information resources, the advanced interactive CIRS web interface and the SBDGI uniform integrated information space.

Section: Geoinformation systems

Keywords: GIS, database, WEB, portal, information retrieval, cartography, public services.