Specialized GIS for the simulation of a mining enterprise.

№1 (2015)

Burmin L.N.,Stepanov Y.A.

The paper proposes the architecture of specialized geographic information system, which aims at modeling of mining enterprises. Modeling consists of three parts. At the stage of preprocessing used geometric modeling: thesystem builds a three-dimensional image of coal rock mass based on the exploration of data. In the second phase analyzed the stress-strain state of the coal rock mass. In the analysis uses mathematical and statistical methods within the subject area (geomechanics). GIS architecture implies the possibility of replacement and calibration of numerical and statistical methods. Given the complex interactions in the system, «powered support–coal rockmass» was chosen experimentally-analytical method, which consists in solving a system of differential equations ofrock mechanics finite element method. The third stage consists of two parts connected with a representation of the calculations results. The first part helps in the interpretation: interpolated missing data, and provides guidance on carrying out excavation work in the mines of the coal enterprise. The second handles the results obtained, providing the user with a visual display of information on changes in the level of the selected characteristics. There is the possibility of creating an animation with the ability to map the terrain overflown. Should also note the existence of feedback in the system – it specifies the data and makes the model more appropriate. GIS has the extensibility and scalability, which allows to take into account the specific characteristics and atypical operating conditions.

Section: Geoinformation systems

Keywords: GIS, architecture, mining enterprise, security.