Determination model of physical and mechanical properties of the overburden career with the help of seismic

№2 (2015)

Romanov V.V.,Rahmatullin I.I.,Grokholsky S.A.

The article describes the technology and the results of the evaluation changes in physical and mechanical properties of the overburden quarries using the method of refracted waves seismic engineering. As an example,consider one of the limestone quarries near Moscow, where the roof is covered Carboniferous carbonate deposits of10–15-meter thick layer of clay, loam Meso-Cenozoic age. A distinctive feature of the technology used in contactless measuring the characteristics of rocks in situ without drilling and screening of numerous samples.Discloses a technique of seismic acquisition, processing and interpretation of particular materials, the method of calculation of the required physical and mechanical properties.Identified patterns provide a glimpse of the gradient nature of the distribution properties of overburden and to introduce the necessary adjustments to the design of quarrying.

Section: Modeling geo objects and geo-processes

Keywords: physical and mechanical properties, seismic engineering, angle of internal friction, resistance dumps career, refracted waves, refraction, elastic module.