Regional aerospace services using Russian geographic information systems.

№2 (2015)

Podolskiy V.E.,Nemtinov V.A.,Lopandya A.V.,Nemtinova Yu.V.

In this paper, we discuss the issues of development of an information and technical base for providing regional space services using Russian geographic information system. We describe the ways of solving the following problems:–development of a regional program for implementation of satellite navigation technologies using GLONASS and the results of other space-related programs for social and economic development and innovations in Tambov region for 2015-2020;–development of infrastructure of a space service center;–implementation of pilot projects for monitoring of educational institutions, agricultural natural and environmental objects, creation of 3D-models of Tambov.Establishment of a regional center for space services in Tambov region will allow all interested users to have immediate access to reliable information obtained from the space and other sources, which will facilitate in making operational managerial decisions. Its innovative-educational unit offers great opportunities for learning and training of specialist and government employees, who use the results of space programs for well-being of the region.

Section: Application of GIS technologies

Keywords: information resource, spatial objects of various applications, GIS technology, Internet.