№4 (2015)

   Application of GIS technologies

Developing geodatabase for designing renewable energy facilities.
Kargashin P.E., Novakovsky B.A., Kiseleva S.V., Prasolova A.I., Verevkina N.S.

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The present state of energy production and utilization requires introduction of innovative technologies to mitigate impacts on the environment, to reduce fossils consumption etc. There are numerous environmental, economic, political issues have to be taken into account for renewable energy. Comprehensive research of all issues is possible by means of geodatabases and GIS routines that allow us to perform analysis and get particular results. This paper is devoted to construction of geodatabases dealing with unconventional sources of energy. We described a conceptual model and the ways to improve its completeness. There are suggested several algorithms of data processing that demonstrate database application and evaluate data integrity. The suggested approach is based on the idea of modeling not only database structure but also its future application. It is recommended to perform such modeling in the beginning of geodatabase development. The approach is unconventional for renewable energy practice and can be used in future for scientific and applied works.

Cover zones monitoring of mobile network operators with use of systems global positioning.
Makeev A.V., Malyshev I.I., Veretennikov I.S.

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In article results of work for 2014 and the main prospects for 2015 are described.
Shortly about the project. Works on a subject began in 2014. In the first stage the prototype of the equipment and the appendix of collecting GSM of data, services of geoprocessing and web services are developed. At the end of 2014 employees of URIIT carried out field tests of the equipment and the appendix of collecting GSM of data. During them the equipment in salon of the vehicle was deployed and departure along the planned route for data collection of levels of a signal of mobile network operators is made. A route – streets of Khanty-Mansiysk. The conclusion is drawn that the equipment and the appendix of collecting GSM of data completely meet the put requirements within the URIIT state task.
After performance of exit works successful testing of service of geoprocessing for the purpose of creation of cards of cover zones of mobile network operators is held. Use of the GIS ArcGIS tools in algorithms of model of geoprocessing for the decision of part of tasks allowed to achieve rather high speed of service of geoprocessing. The conclusion is drawn that the service of geoprocessing developed by URIIT meets the put requirements and functions in full on the ArcGIS for Server 10.2.2.

GIS-estimation of residential load in the areas of diffuse building on the example of Novosibirsk Academgorodok.
Zolnikov I.D., Glushkova N.V., Lyamina V.A., Pchelnikov D.V.

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In this paper a new method for the analysis of the residential load of the diffuse building area on the base of GIS-processing of high resolution satellite images is proposed. Using the density grids the correspondence of the territory of Novosibirsk Academgorodok to urban development standards of population density and planting is estimated. The proposed approach allows not only to map the extent of the residential load, but also to predict changes in habitat quality in the further development of the territory. This provides an opportunity for strategic planning and local modeling at assessment of the prospects of building of a particular site, taking into account local conditions. In particular, the proposed method identifies the areas for which requires additional planting.

 Modeling geo objects and geo-processes

Coordination of comppetitive variants of gravity data interpretation by empirical risk minimization method.
Balk P.I., Dolgal A.S., Balk T.V., Khristenko L.A.

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We studied the possibility of the application of known risk minimization conception to the solution of nonlinear inverse gravity problems when the problem of choice is defined under conditions of indeterminacy. In accordance to this conception, the best feasible solution is the one which provides the minimum of the error expectation for interpretation results. We suggest the effective algorithm to construct the representative sample of feasible variants of the interpretation, one of them will be selected as the best. The important advantage of the risk minimization method is the possibility of the approximate estimator of the similarity between the mathematical model and the true object. Results of the multivariant computational experiment approving the efficiency of these estimators are presented in the article.

Geographic information systems in radio frequency electromagnetic fields monitoring within indoor and near building areas.
Zakharov P.N., Korolev A.F., Potapov A.A., Turchaninov A.V.

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The article covers geographic information systems (GIS) implementation in radio frequency electromagnetic fields (RF EMF) monitoring within indoor and near building areas. GIS functions are described, which provided development of the new prompt method of indoor RF EMF monitoring, which is based upon in-motion measurements along predetermined network of tracks created using geometrically correct geo-referenced building’s spatial model. The workshop describes the methods of geographic information systems usage for high frequency measurements geographic referencing in Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) denied areas, for 2D and 3D experimental data visualization and for spatial boundaries location assessment for zones with certain radio signal strength around transmitter using spatially irregular experimental data sets and different geometrical approaches. Experimental approbation of the introduced GIS-based method demonstrated high efficiency of detection and localization of non-linear RF EMF variations from indoor and remote transmitters inside and around building within 80…1500 MHz frequency range

   Geoinformation systems

PetroExplorer – system for creation of geochemical information-analytical arrays in the process of thematic investigations.
Korinevsky E.V.

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In the article considers the technology of creation of geochemical information-analytical arrays by using of authoring PetroExplorer software. This program is a geochemical processor and is being software module for creating and managing specialized databases of chemical analyses of minerals and rocks. The structure of the program, its functionality and principles of construction of information-analytical arrays are describes.

Client-server information resource «Magellan seamounts (Pacific)».
Zhuleva E.V., Rashidov V.A., Metalnikov A.A., Chesalova E.I.

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Information resource on Magellan seamounts guyots includes a website «Magellan seamounts (The Pacific)», a «Magellan seamounts of the Pacific» geoinformational system in the ArcGIS Online, and a database. The website, the geoinformational, and the database are all interconnected. Information resource, which is being filled with content, provides data on 26 Cretaceous submarine volcanic edifices within Magellan seamounts.