Conceptual basis of the creation and development of GIS of geological information funds.

№1 (2016)

Bliskavitsky A.A.

Conceptual design and development of GIS of geological information funds are considered in the article. Integration approaches, cartographic presentation, web search and dissemination of geographic information are discussed. We analyzed the properties of geo-information and its transformation into knowledge and control solutions, the creation of geospatial ontology, and the construction of the spatial data infrastructures based on international standards. We discussed the creation of the unified geo-information space as a basis of the informatization of geological information funds by use of the geoportal solutions. Implementation of conceptual solutions is considered by an example of the Cartographic Information Retrieval System of the State Bank of Digital Geological Information.

Section: Geoinformation systems

Keywords: geological information, GIS, Web, integration, map, portal, ontology.