The operational assessment of the degree of seismic hazard distribution by GIS.

№1 (2016)

Levina E.A.

The problem of the isolines of seismic tremorsconstructing is solved. For this purpose a special computer program is designed. The operational construction of isolines can be used to assessment of negative post-seismic consequences after the expected or just occurred earthquakes. It is proposed to use two equations of the seismic intensity decay (exponent and N.V. Shebalin formula) for eight directions. Sets of the selected formula coefficients are stored as models of the decay of seismic intensity forthe examined region. They can be used later forsimilar situations. The available information about the distribution patterns of seismic effects on the ground is used for the program configuration. Such data are obtained from the macroseismic inspection of the selected region after previously occurred earthquakes.

Section: Geoinformation systems

Keywords: isoseisms, equation decay of seismic intensity, seismic hazard assessment, and prediction of earthquakes.