Mapping of unicom dune landscapes of the eastern part of Vityazevo bay bar using high resolution aerospace images.

№2 (2016)

Kravtsova V.I.,Chalova E.R.


Vityzevo bay bar is the part of Anapa bay bar, extending for 47 km at the North-Eastern coast of Black Sea. The necessity of preserving of bay bar unicom dune landscapes under anthropogenic press requires of their monitoring at the base of detail mapping. The map of the eastern part of Vityazevo bay bar landscape-morphologic structure has been compiled by aero- and satellite images of high resolution and present in the paper. Discovered features of landscape-morphologic structure will help to investigate adaptive solutions for Anapa bay bar conservation and protection.

Section: Geoecology

Keywords: bay bar, dune relief, landscape-morphological structure, mapping, aero photos and satellite images, recreation, anthropogenic impact.