Use of detailed digi-tal relief models for the structural and lineament analysis (on example of the Urtuysky granite massif, SE Transbaikalia).

№2 (2016)

Ustinov S.A.,Petrov V.A.

The possibility of use of digital relief models for lineament analysis realization is proved. Considered digital models have to meet certain requirements of detail which depends on the available actual material. The lineament analysis is offered to be carried out on the basis of two main models – TIN and GRID which differ in algorithms of construction and therefore supplement each other. The possibility of creation and use of auxiliary grid maps which allow revealing even insignificant linear elements of a relief is shown. The lineament analysis was carried out for the Urtuysky granite massif located in southeastern Transbaikalia. As a result the structural elements corresponding to reliable deep faults and also the lineaments marking the unknown earlier fault zones needing further authentication were revealed.

Section: Modeling geo objects and geo-processes

Keywords: digital relief models, lineament analysis, GIS-technologies, Urtuysky granite massif.