№3 (2016)

   Application of GIS technologies

Using GIS to estimate lanslide susceptibility of Crimean peninsula.
Krivoguz D.O., Malko S.V., Semenova A.Y.

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The article shows forming the landslide susceptibility evaluation methodology and its practical application for Crimean republic. In a study, geomorphological, geological, climatic and anthropogenic factors have been analyzed. We discussed the consequences of landslide activation for Crimean Peninsula.

3D-modeling of air pollution on the example of Kyzyl.
Tas-ool L.Kh., Kalush J.A.,

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The paper discusses the use of geostatistical models and geographic information systems (GIS) in the study of anthropogenic load, with the involvement of the database of the snow cover monitoring. The spatial reference of the value of average daily emissions of dust particles by means of GIS technologies (ArcGIS 9.3) and Surfer 6.0 software made it possible to perform two- and three-dimensional visualization of experimental measurements results and to assess the changes in the locations and levels of pollution in urbanized and adjacent areas. In particular, described approach is used to identify those areas in which deterioration of the air quality was due to the active territory development of private houses with furnace heating or operation of boiler enterprises.

 Modeling geo objects and geo-processes

Information-methodical aspects of forecast high-volume deposits with gold bonanzas within the gold-placer areas of the Altai-Sayan province.
Konyshev V.O., Gorelov A.G.

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This is forecasted high-volume gold deposits, which oxidized parts are with gold nuggets and which have been partially fulfilled in rafts and in the occuriences with rich placers. For evaluating prognostic resources the developted by autors method of determination of significant gold contents was used in ore solids on the balance sheet metall in products of enrichment of group hallmarks, which were compiled of the total mass of ordinary hallmarks of exploration crosses, which were recommended to integration 19 of November 2014 by protоcol of Expert Technical Council to State Commission on Mineral Resources for quality control for ordinary testing. The experience of detection of gold objects with gold bonanzas in the Altai-Sayan province could be spread for searching similar objects in the river valleys of the Altai-Sayan, Baikal-Vitim, Verkhoyansk-Kolyma, Kolyma-Omolon and other Russian provinces, where rich, root sources are not always installed for rich and large placers.

Finite difference method for numerical extrapolation of grid models of geophysical fields.
Mitsyn S.V., Ososkov G.A.

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A new numeric method for extrapolation of rectangular grid numerical models of geophysical fields is presented, which is based on numerical minimization of fourth derivatives with Dirichlet boundary condition. An extrapolated model does not represent a field and is targeted on its use in further data processing. The method is compared to other well-known extrapolation methods used in different GIS, most notably GIS INTEGRO. Pros and cons of the method are reviewed. The method is illustrated on the example data.

Criteria of decision theory in the tasks of quantitative interpretation of gravity anomalies.
Balk P.I., Dolgal A.S., Balk T.V., Hristenko L.A.

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In this article we put forward the concept of extracting information about the gravity anomaly sources, at which the interpretation result is assumed not one optimal solution, but a set of locally optimal solutions of the inverse gravity problem. Such decisions may be considered as a kind of singular points of the set of feasible solutions of interpretation. Therefore, this article deals with a new class of algorithms for solving inverse problems of gravity. Choosing the best solution from the set of admissible variants of interpretation is based on optimality criteria, which are borrowed from decision theory. In the paper are given the numerical calculations results, where during the formation of the set of feasible solutions using method of mounting by V.N. Strakhov.

Generation of Formalized Model of Oil and Gas Deposits.
Nikitin A.A., Zemtsova D.P.

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It is considered a structural technology scheme of realization of formalized model of oil and gas deposits oriented to risk’s reducing and optimization of the first exploratory key well spud. Basic tasks include detection of prospective zones, containment and detail description of potential facilities with the use of new technologies of treatment and geophysical interpretation.


Biodiversity and vulnerability geoinformation model for North Caspian biota.
Dedova T.V., Kim D.K., Kobegenova S.S., Adyrbekova K.B., Bostanbekov K.A.

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The paper proposes a geoinformation approach for biodiversity and vulnerability mapping for North Caspian biota on the base of mathematical model. Maps are built using probabilistic description of biota habitat that allows to take into account the uncertainty of their borders. Geoinformation model is based on mapping of 175 objects of the Northern Caspian biodiversity. As an example the article provides the mapping of habitats of some species of biota. Vulnerability maps, in addition to describing biodiversity considers also «the importance» or «the vulnerability» of each element of the biota that allows to describe in a quantitative sense the state of the ecosystem as a whole more subtly. As a result, the series of biodiversity and vulnerability maps for each month have been obtained, reflecting seasonal variation during the calendar year. These maps can be used to assess environmental risks, including the carrying out of oil operations in the sea, as well as during the monitoring of the environment of the Northern Caspian.