Geoinformation models in the design of materials management systems.

№4 (2016)

Belyakov S.L., Belyakova M.L., Savelyeva M.N.

We study the problem of geoinformation modeling of situations and decisions made at the materials management. Material flows arise as a result of the project execution of delivery of goods and products. We consider the problem of constructing geoinformation model that displays the experience in performance similar projects. The criterion of the model is the accuracy of the generated solutions. The solution is considered authentic if it reflects the reality on the map. The authors propose a method of displaying the previously completed projects in a given space-time domain. The method is based on imaginative representation of geoinformation models. The GIS model of the material flow project is included diagram consisting of logistics centers, transportation routes and timetables. This article describes the procedure for display the image of the project which consists of metatransforming the image center and its transformations. The authors propose to the metric of confidence estimation of transformation result. The metric is a weighted sum of the transformation of each image element. The metatransformation parameter is a change in dimension of cartographic element. We have given an example of metatransformation of the previously completed project and the assessment of its accuracy. We analyze the features of metatransformation algorithms. The authors concluded that the need for a combination of different complexity of objects displaying algorithms and control the correctness of cartographic result display.

Section: Geoinformation systems

Keywords: geoinformation system, GIS simulations, decision-making, materials management.