Database of seismogenic sources of southern East Siberia based on the GIS «ActiveTectonics».

№4 (2016)

Gladkov A.A.Lunina O.V.


This work is dedicated to the creation the interactive database of seismogenic source of southern East Siberia, which is part of developed by the authors geoinformation system named «Active Tectonics». Based on foreign and domestic developments methodical approach to the allocation and mapping seismogenic sources that can trigger an earthquake with a magnitude more than 5,5. Used infological data model was developed based on the analysis of the known world databases and includes a set of geometric, kinematic and seismological parameters to describe the seismogenic sources.
With the use of this approach has been developed module of geoinformation system «ActiveTectonics», allowing users to work with the database of the seismogenic sources interactively, and also receive detailed HTML-reports on objects that contain parametric information, text comments of experts and associated with the object illustrations and publications.
Based on the GIS «ActiveTectonics» and analysis of literary, cartographic and seismological materials for the area south of Eastern Siberia allocated 38 seismogenic sources, whose length is from 46 to 329 km, with the maximum of seismic potential most of them, the corresponding magnitudes 6,5-7,9 scatter values for a total of 6 to 8.
Using the developed software module is designed and analyzed the database of the seismogenic sources of the south of Eastern Siberia within the coordinates 50-57° north latitude and 100-120° east longitude.

Section: Geoinformation systems

Keywords: seismogenic sources, geoinformation system, active tectonics, database, interactive map.