GIS-based approach to estimating area prospects for mineral deposits (on example of groundwater deposits of Eastern Siberia territory).

№1 (2017)

Parshin A.V.Auziņa L.I.,Prosekin S.N.Blinov A.V.,Kosterev A.N.Lonshakov Gr.S.,Usmanova A.M.Shestakov S.A.,Davydenko Yu.A.

Solves the problem of ranking the territory by degree of prospect for a useful component on the basis of data collected at the pre-field stage of geological exploration in situation with a limited set of geo-information, that insufficient to make informed decisions on the direct search criteria. Describes the main methodological and technical positions of an integrated approach which allows for a more reasonably evaluate the prospects of the area for resources. It is based on the use of archival maps and remote sensing data, calculation of additional layers on the basis of geological and topographic maps, the analysis of geophysical fields, factor analysis, polyelement mapping. In this example given the estimation of watery of upper hydrodynamic zone on the territory of Eastern Siberia in order to optimize geological exploration on ground water deposits, in particular, reasonable planning of exploratory wells in the early stages of work on the area. Despite the difficult geological and hydrogeological conditions of Eastern Siberian oil and gas province, developed technology has allowed to identify a set of universal factors associated with watery. Proposes a methodology of their calculation, mapping and aggregation into the integral index of water abundance, which reflects the degree of prospects for groundwater in each calculated point of map and therefore convenient for visual analysis. The technology is based on open GIS, but can be implemented in any universal geoinformation software.

Section: Geoinformation systems

Keywords: GIS, perspective estimation, exploratory drilling, groundwater, geoprocessing, integral index.