Space survey to identify and determine the parameters of the solid domestic waste landfill.

№2 (2017)

Razakova M.G.,Dushenko M.V.

AbstractAbout the Authors
In this paper, we introduce a method based on remotely sensed information and that of a geographic information system (GIS) to identify landfills and calculate their area and volume. The method is applied to a study area located in Almaty region using WorldView-3 and GeoEye1 satellite data. The use of remote-sensing data as well as the whole complex of geo-information technologies will provide an opportunity to evaluate objective parameters of landfills. The data acquired from satellite platforms can provide monitoring and management of landfills related to different user groups.

Razakova Maira G., Head of the Laboratory of Geoinformatics and GIS Technologies, JSC National Center for Space Research and Technologies. 15 Shevchenko st., Almaty, 050010, Kazakhstan

Dushenko Mikhail V., Development manager of the “Space Imaging” company TERRALINK.
8 Nauryzbay Batyra st., Almaty, 050016, Kazakhstan. Email:

Section: Geoecology

Keywords: Municipal Solid Waste Landfill, image interpretation, volume of landfills of solid domestic waste, unsupervised classification.