Cloud Platform for Data Management of the UNECE ICP Vegetation Environmental Monitoring Network.

№2 (2017)

Kutovskiy N.A.Nechaevskiy A.V.,Ososkov G.A.,Uzhinskiy А.V.,Frontasyeva M.V.

The aim of the UNECE ICP Vegetation program is to identify the main polluted areas, produce regional maps and further develop the understanding of the long-range transboundary pollution. Atmospheric deposition study of heavy metals, nitrogen, persistent organic compounds and radionuclides is based on the analysis of naturally growing mosses through moss surveys carried out every 5 years. Since January 2014, the coordination of moss surveys in 39 European and Asian countries has been conducted from the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) Russia. Tools used by ICP Vegetation members for data management, are not enough formalized and do not meet modern requirements. To optimize the whole procedure, Laboratory of Information Technologies proposed to build a unified platform consisting of a set of interconnected services and tools to be developed, deployed and hosted in the JINR cloud. The platform should implement modern analytical, statistical, programmatic and organization methods to provide effective, reliable and convenient tools for data management of biological monitoring. Motivation, basic principles and architecture of the platform are presented.

Section: Geoinformation systems

Keywords: environmental monitoring, data management, cloud platform, services, analysis, mosses.