Development of a map service for the provision of materials for laboratory work the students of Nizhnevartovsk State University.

№2 (2017)

Sliva E.A.

AbstractAbout the Authors
The article presents the analysis of the teaching materials on the discipline of Geoinformation systems, which are used in the Nizhnevartovsk state University. The relevance of the work lies in the need to modernize the way of presentation of cartographic information for the organization of independent work of students in the study of geographic information systems in accordance with the latest trends of Geoinformatics. Special attention is paid to spatial data that are used in laboratory works. The basis for performing laboratory and practical works on the subject of «geographic information system» in the Nizhnevartovsk State University is a geodatabase of the Nizhnevartovsk district. The paper presents the main rules of formation of this educational geodatabase. The analysis of existing ways of placing spatial data in the Internet also analyzed the experience of the Moscow State University on creation and use of a local spatial data infrastructure for training purposes. Discusses how to provide spatial data through the organization of mapping service to optimize students’ individual work on the subject of «geographic information system». The map service after the implementation can be supplemented with thematic vector layers and raster maps to expand the scope of educational tasks. The methods and approaches to the preparation of materials can be used to create a wide range of other academic spatial data.

Sliva Ekaterina A., Senior Lecturer, Department of Informatics and Methods of Teaching Informatics Nizhnevartovsk State University. 56 Lenina st., Nizhnevartovsk, 628605, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Ugra, Tyumen region, Russian Federation.

Section: Geoinformation systems

Keywords: geoinformatics, map services, geographic information systems, methods of teaching Geoinformatics, geodatabase, spatial data.