Ensuring the quality of geological information management in the State Вank of Digital Geological Information (SBDGI).

№3 (2017)

Bliskavitsky A.A.


The article is devoted to the ensuring the quality of geological information management in the SBDGI, where geological information is collected, stored, checked, described by metadata, integrated, processed, visualized, provided as a result of the request, distributed. Sure management decisions based on geological information are possible only with the correct implementation of each such stage.
In the SBDGI, geological information is managed using the Cartographic Information Retrieval System (CIRS), which is interfaced with the file storage. The system supports verification of geological information, elements of electronic document management, cataloging, search and provision of geological information to citizens and organizations on the basis of the geoportal. The most important task of the SBDGI is to ensure the high quality of geological information based on the high quality of its management by CIRS.
The advanced information technologies providing quality of geological information management in the SBDGI are described.

Section: Geoinformation systems

Keywords: quality, information, map, integration, web, portal, electronic document.