Investigation of relief dynamics at the North-Western part of Anapa bay bar by aerial laser scanning.

№4 (2017)

Kravtsova V.I.,Krylenko V.V.,Drugov M.N.,Boyko E.S.

Anapa bay bar, which is a valuable healthy-recreational recourse, feels strong anthropogenic press and needs in monitoring for realization of its preserve and defense. Aerial laser scanning together with digital aerial survey was carry out in 2013 and 2015 for study of dune relief changes. Created different digital model of relief (DMR) and its field validation have allowed to investigate relief changes caused by natural processes: rolling sea and wind activity, which are concentrate at beach – dune belt boundary. Here there are hollow outer deflation of windward slope of front dune ridge, and accumulation of sand trains at leeward slope. But the strongest anthropogenic changes take place at regions of intensive beach recreation, at territories, preparing for buildings construction, and also during construction of artificial defense ridge at place of disappeared natural dune ridge. Investigated regularities of dune relief changes must be take in account for bay bar preserve and defense.

Section: Geoecology

Keywords: bay bar, dune relief, dynamics, flooding, defense, digital relief model, aerial laser scanning.