Long-term monitoring of lithospheric gas emission in condition of Arctic region.

№4 (2017)

Chesalova E.I.Baskakov S.S.,Asavin A.M.


The aim of the work is organization of long-term ecological monitoring of modern composition of the atmosphere in the area of active ore mining in the conditions of Far North.
Hydrogen is one of the most interesting gases found in rocks. Unfortunately, hydrogen is one of the most volatile gases, and therefore, when estimating of gas emission is made by traditional methods, there is the possibility that we measure some residual flux.
We developed a specialized equipment based on MDM hydrogen sensors and WSN telecommunication
technology for long-time monitoring of hydrogen content in the atmosphere. Unlike existing methods, the developed equipment allows to carry out measurements directly in the zone of blasting operations with high discreteness in time.
The first technical and methodical solution was tested in condition of Arctic region – the Khibiny and Lovozero massifs (Kola Peninsula).

Section: Application of GIS technologies

Keywords: monitoring of gas emission, wireless sensor network, gas sensors.