Dynamics of oil and gas industry development in the 20th century using the world’s largest deposits as an example: GIS project and web service.

№4 (2017)

Odintsova A.A.,Gvishiani A.D.Rybkina A.I., Samokhina O.O.,Astapenkova A.A., Firsova E.Yu.


The article describes the results of developing a GIS project to prepare an information base for an analytical study of hydrocarbon production (HC) development methods in Russia and other countries of the world. The period from 1900 to 2000 is considered. The collected and processed information will allow to systematically analyze the methods and volumes of HC exploration and assess the pace of oil and gas industry development in different countries.
To achieve this goal, the authors have implemented a number of subprojects: data collection and processing; development and filling of the database (DB) with geospatial data on hydrocarbon deposits; creation of a web service with advanced functionality based on the Esri Geoportal Server software platform; conducting preliminary analytical classification (model example) of the examined deposits using geoinformatics methods.

Section: Geoinformation systems

Keywords: database, methods, exploration, technology, largest oil and gas deposits, GIS project, web service, spherical visualization.