Methodological and technological support of the hydrocarbon resources assessment.

№3 (2018)

Zhukov K.A., Kravchenko M.N.,Lyubimova A.V.

AbstractAbout the Authors
The main aspects of methodological and technological support of the quantitative assessment of hydrocarbon resources of the Russian Federation are considered in the article. The statement of the problem of the oil-and-gas resources assessment in the conditions of the distributed approach to the organization of works is formulated. Then we present the main features of the analytical and geoinformation support, including database and possibilities of the GIS-application for the implementation of the project.

Zhukov Konstantin Anatolyevich, Ph.D., deputy director of Novosibirsk branch of FGBU “VNIGNI”. 630099, Russia, Novosibirsk, M. Gorkogo str., 24. E-mail:

Kravchenko Maria Nikolaevna, Ph.D., head of division for оil and gas resources and reserves of FGBU “VNIGNI”. 105118, Russia, Moscow, sh. Entuziastov, 36. E-mail:

Lyubimova Anna Vladimirovna, Ph.D., head of GIS and digital cartography division of Geoinformatics Department “VNIIGeosystem”, FGBU “VNIGNI”. 117105, Russia, Moscow, Varshavskoye sh., 8. E-mail:

Section: Methodological and technological support for data collection and processing

Keyword: hydrocarbon mineral resource base, oil and gas resources and reserves, geoinformation technologies.