GIS INTEGRO – import substitution software for geological and geophysical tasks.

№3 (2018)

Cheremisina Ye.N., Finkelstein M.Ya., Lyubimova A.V.

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The article presents the Russian software package GIS INTEGRO, developed by the team of Geoinformatics department “VNIIGeosystem” of FSBI “VNIGNI”. We consider the basic cartographic capabilities of GIS INTEGRO, providing the preparation of the geo-information base for research projects for geology and subsoil use at all the stages. The comparison with the wide-range GIS-packages used today in the geological industry
allows us to highlight the main advantage of our software: the multi-window interface with 1D/2D/3D visualization capability, X/Y/Z cursor position synchronization, direct use of the geophysical data formats, etc. The features of applied blocks of GIS INTEGRO are revealed in detail: tools for gravimetric and magnetometric data processing, tools for borehole database compilation, technology of predictive diagnostic task solving, and 3D geological models compilation tools.

Cheremisina Yevgenia Naumovna, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Geoinformatics Department “VNIIGeosystem”, FGBU “VNIGNI”, Director of the Institute for System Analysis and Management of the «Dubna State University». 117105, Russia, Moscow, Varshavskoye sh., 8. E-mail:

Finkelstein Michail Yankelevich, Doctor of Technical Sciences, head of division for 3D-modelling of oil-and-gas bearing features of Geoinformatics Department “VNIIGeosystem”, FGBU “VNIGNI”. 117105, Russia, Moscow, Varshavskoye sh., 8. E-mail:

Lyubimova Anna Vladimirovna, Ph.D., head of GIS and digital cartography division of Geoinformatics Department “VNIIGeosystem”, FGBU “VNIGNI”. 117105, Russia, Moscow, Varshavskoye sh., 8. E-mail:

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Section: Information systems in geology and geophysics

Keywords: GIS, three-dimensional modeling, gravimetric and magnetometric information, borehole information.