Geoinformation technologies in the modeling of qualitative characteristics of ores.

№3 (2019)

Kantemirov V.D.,Yakovlev A.M., Titov R.S.

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The article presents the results of the development of methods of zoning in the quarry space of technological types of ores, taking into account the comprehensive assessment of the quality characteristics of the mineral on the basis of modern geoinformation technologies. To interpret the data in GIS there are 2 main methods: the Express and detailed methods, which require the prior establishment of the geologich-tion databases, and reliably assess and zoning in karyes-re ore quality characteristics. The methods differ in the complexity of implementation, detail and the possibility of adjustments to the constructed models, depending on the established or changed requirements for the quality of the mineral. The presented mining and geological information system makes it possible to zone technological types and grades of ores with high reliability in the quarry space, which contributes to the selection of the most effective method of ore preparation in the mode of ore quality management for specific mining and geological conditions at the stage of mining planning. In modern conditions, GIS with the function of rapid analysis of promising deposits and detailed information about the mining and geological conditions of its development is a necessary tool for preliminary mining and technological calculations and economic assessment of the feasibility of mineral resources development.

Kantemirov Valery Danilovich, PhD, Quality management sector chief, Institute of Mining of Ural Branch of RAS, 620075, Yekaterinburg city, Mamina-Sibiryaka street, 58. E-mail:

Yakovlev Andrei Michailovich, senior researcher, Quality management sector, Institute of Mining of Ural branch of RAS. 620075, Yekaterinburg city, Mamina-Sibiryaka street, 58. E-mail:

Titov Roman Sergeevich, senior researcher, Quality management sector, Institute of Mining of Ural branch of RAS. 620075, Yekaterinburg city, Mamina-Sibiryaka street, 58. E-mail:

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Section: Application of GIS technologies

Keywords: GIS, mining and geological information system, quality of ores, technological types of ores, block modeling.