The distribution of density heterogeneities in the crust and mantle of the south-eastern part of the Fennoscandian shield according to geological-geophysical data.

№1 (2018)

Pimanova N.N., Spiridonov V.A., Sharov N.V., Lubimova A.V., Senner A.E.

Joint analysis of the Moho depth maps constructed on DSS profile data and regional gravity field over the project area has allowed to allocate in regions with different type of correlation between the Moho surface topography and the gravity field. They generally correspond to the major tectonic structures of the study area: the AR Karelian Craton and Sveсоfennian Orogen.
The 2D modeling of the density section along the seismic profile Baltic showed that for compensation of the Moho topography gravitational effect it is necessary to assume density inhomogeneities both in the earth’s crust and in the mantle. The results of 3D density modeling for a two-layer model (earth crust–upper mantle) determine the position of large blocks inside the layers with different density characteristics.

Section: Modeling geo objects and geo-processes

Keywords: integrated interpretation, gravimetry, 3D density model of the seismic profile Baltic, deep structure of the Fennoscandian shield, the Karelian Cratton, Sveсоfennian Orogen.