New methods for solving forward problem of geopotential fields on profiles.

УДК 550.8.053:681.3

Mitsyn S.V. 


The article reviews frequently used method for forward problem solving of geopotential fields on profiles, which consists of direct reinterpretation of a profile as a 2D or 2.5D model and solving the respective problem. Some deficiencies of this method that are explained by method not taking into account a curvature of a profile are demonstrated on several examples. Two new methods are presented with their own pros and cons. The former method consists of problem reduction to a two dimensional one, but unlike the previous method a profile curvature is taken into account through the procedure of physical parameter projection. The latter method is based on 3D grid model construction through extrapolation of profile models.

Keywords: gravitational and magnetic fields, profile models, gravity forward problem.

About the Authors

Mitsyn Sergey Valerievitch, research scientist at department of Geoinformatics Federal State Budgetary Institution «All-Russian Research Geological Oil Institute». 117105, Moscow, Russia, Varshavskoye shosse, 8. E-mail:


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