Publishing Ethics

The editors of the journal adhere to the rules as stated below.

The papers submitted should satisfy the following requirements:

  • to fall within the scope of the journal;
  • to present new data and results of research not published previously;
  • to be supplemented with the complete list of the used sources, as well as with information on the financial support, if any;
  • not include plagiarism and false information;
  • conform to the existing standards of the scientific paper preparation.

The authors of papers:

  • confirm the participation of each of them in the research performed, as well as authenticity and reliability of the data presented;
  • take part in finalizing the paper and, if necessary, advance argumented objections or correct mistakes.

The reviewers:

  • respect the authors’ point of view;
  • give an unbiased assessment of papers and their compliance with the scope of the journal, and verify that the name of the paper and the abstract comply with its contents;
  • find out works of importance similar in the subject to the reviewed paper, though not mentioned by the authors;
  • in case of conflict of interests or other reasons that prevent the reviewer from giving an objective assessment of the paper, he should promptly inform the editors so that they could find another reviewer;
  • maintain strict confidentiality in reviewing.

Editors and members of the editorial board:

  • are aware of their responsibility for the decision whether the submitted paper is accepted or rejected;
  • accept the articles that conform to all the selection criteria and fall within the scope of our journal;
  • reserve the right to reduce and to edit the text of articles.
  • when rejecting a paper, are guided by objective standards as stated below;
  • make sure there is no conflict of interests;
  • keep the reviewers anonymous.

The editors are responsible for publishing rebuttal or corrections in case of mistakes having been found.